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Highway Bus Information Platform

As highway buses now serve as one effective option for transportation means, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has established this Highway Bus Information Platform as a doorway to obtain information on highway buses available in Japan with the aim of developing a favorable environment and making highway buses more accessible for foreign visitors to Japan.

Booking Sites

The following are highway bus booking sites. Each site contains different routes.

Expressway Bus Net

Website dedicated to the booking of bus services (mainly those provided by companies in the JR Bus Group; introduced in February 2016)
You can make reservations and purchase tickets for buses nationwide.


Special webpages provide information on routes from Tokyo (Shinjuku and Shibuya) to popular tourist destinations (Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Hida Takayama, Hakuba, and Matsumoto). Means of purchasing discount tickets have also been introduced.


Website to enable the simple and convenient booking and purchase of tickets for over 100 highway bus routes nationwide
Bus companies across Japan have jointly established and operate the JAPAN BUS LINES website to enable foreign tourists to move throughout Japan easily, conveniently and safely.


You can purchase tickets for highway buses, overnight buses, airport limousines, and regular tour buses offered by over 50 bus companies nationwide. Many bus routes service popular sightseeing spots that are hard to reach by train, and special tickets allowing unlimited travel in the Tohoku region are also available.


Highway bus booking website linking cities nationwide used by over 1.3 million people annually
Multiple bus services are offered for travel on the same routes. You can compare fares, seat widths, time zones, etc. depending on your requirements. Early reservation discounts, women's only buses, and a variety of other services are also available.

How to Use the Highway Bus Information Platform

Highway buses have been widely used in Japan as a transportation means to directly connect major cities, local cities throughout the country, and sightseeing spots at low cost. A nationwide network has been developed, with approximately 10,000 buses being in operation on a daily basis, and the effective use of highway buses will enable you to easily experience Japan more deeply.
You can designate a destination and date to check and book seats via the booking sites. The Bus Company Search enables you to check major routes covered by highway bus companies nationwide that have multilingual websites, and the availability of special tickets targeting foreign tourists.

Attractions of Highway Buses

Low cost
Fares are cheaper than those for travel by train or airplane. You can reach your destination at low cost.
You can go directly to your destination without transfers.
Basically, seats are secured by advance reservation, and you can be seated all the way to your destination.
Night bus services save your time, taking you to your destination while you are asleep.