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The following are representative frequently asked questions.

Please refer to websites of respective companies for details.
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Concerning booking

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?
Most of the services are on an advance-reservation basis.
Therefore, it is recommendable to make a reservation, but most services are available without advance reservation if there is a vacancy. (Please note that some services are available by advance reservation only.) Some of the short-distance services are on a non-reservation basis. Please come to the terminal directly.
Is a reservation needed for children also? How much is the fare for children?
A child aged around six or older needs a reservation. A child under six for whom you want to keep a seat also needs a reservation.

Children's fares

Aged 0 to under 6Free (or the child fare when a seat is required)
Aged 6 or older but under 12 (elementary school kids)Child fare (half of the adult fare in principle: a fraction less than 10 yen is rounded up)
Aged 12 or olderAdult fare
* The details may differ by route.
Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes. If you have not made the payment for the reservation, there is no cancellation fee.
Payment is refunded after subtracting a refund charge.
Refund charges and cancellation methods differ by route. Please refer to the website of the relevant bus company.
How far in advance can I make an online reservation?
Bus companies accept reservations one month in advance for most routes, but there are some routes for which a reservation can be made two to three months in advance.

Concerning matters while on a bus

Is there a bathroom in a bus?
It depends on the route. If a bus does not have a bathroom, the bus may stop every two hours or so for a bathroom break.
Is smoking prohibited on a bus?
Smoking is not allowed.

Concerning baggage

How many pieces of baggage can I take on?
Baggage allowance differs by route, but ordinary travelers' baggage seldom exceeds the upper limit. Suitcases or other large luggage may be kept at the luggage compartment under the floor.
Can I take a stroller on board?
Baggage rules differ by route. Therefore, please refer to the webpage concerning the baggage allowance of the relevant bus company.
Can I take a bicycle, skis, snowboards, or musical instruments, etc. on board?
Baggage rules differ by route. Therefore, please refer to the webpage concerning the baggage allowance of the relevant bus company.

Other matters

Can I have a lost ticket reissued?
We cannot reissue a ticket. If you have lost a ticket, you need to purchase a ticket again.
If I miss a bus, can I take the next bus?
If you miss a bus for which you have purchased a ticket and want to take the next bus, you need to purchase the ticket for the next bus separately.
Where should I make inquiries for any lost articles?
Please contact the relevant bus company.
If a bus service is cancelled or delayed, can I get a refund?
You can get a refund when a bus service is cancelled due to bad weather. If a bus runs to the destination despite some delay, a refund is not offered. Please ask the relevant bus company for the details of refunds.
Can I use Wi-Fi on a bus?
It depends on the bus. Please ask the relevant bus company in advance.
Are bus services available on New Year holidays (January 1 to 3)?
Buses are in service throughout the year.